Oakland Raiders Week 17: 5 Questions With Predominantly Orange

Five questions with the Co-Editor of FanSided’s Denver Broncos site, Ty Walden, to preview the Week 17 matchup wit the Oakland Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos will close out the regular season, with a division title on the line for the Raiders, and the Broncos hoping to play spoiler to their division foe.

To preview the big game, we reached out to Ty Walden of Predominantly Orange, FanSided’s Denver Broncos site.

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Did you see the final four weeks of their season ending up as it did? Was there a turning point you saw specifically?

I honestly expected the Broncos to win at least two or three games. The loss against the Titans was one that I did not expect. They win that game, and they could have still fought for a playoff birth.

I did not see any turning point specifically. But with the subpar running game, it did not help their chances.

How do you see not only the quarterback situation unraveling, but the entire offense as a whole?

I know it won’t be a popular opinion, but when it comes to the quarterbacks, Siemian gave us the best chance to win. After seeing Paxton’s first game live and his performance against the Jaguars, I just did not feel comfortable with him out on the field. With this being the last game, I believe that this is one more chance to see what he’s got. The quarterback who performs better could be the starter going into training camp next year.

The entire offense struggled. And it all starts with the offensive line. They were putrid to put it lightly. No offensive line means no running game, no running game means it can’t set up the pass. It was like a domino effect.

Elway said there are major changes coming. For an offense that was historically bad this season (The last time the Broncos had an offense this bad was in 1966) I can only bet that that unit will be the main focus during the offseason.

There’s still situations that can alter Oakland’s postseason road. What’s the atmosphere sounding like in anticipation of this game?

It is a divisional rival and there is no better moment for the Broncos than to play spoiler for the Raiders. I’d like to see the Broncos get some kind of momentum going into the offseason.

Do you have any thoughts on possible major roster cuts in the offseason?

There is a lot to be fixed. The offensive line should be the first priority. I can see where the Broncos do not exercise Okung’s contract that he signed in the offseason. Unless Stephenson is okay with being a swing tackle, he could be gone too.

On the defensive side of the ball, I think the major focus will be inside linebacker and defensive line. Derek Wolfe is safe, of course, but I think they look towards free agency and the draft for both positions. Danny Trevathan was a huge piece that we miss because he was a solid cover linebacker.

How do you think Denver responds on Sunday?

I’m hoping that they can end the season going out in a blaze of glory. It is a good chance for some players that haven’t played a lot this season a chance to prove themselves. As for the outcome, if Derek Carr was playing, I’d be skeptical. But with Matt McGloin playing, I feel a bit better.

I think Denver squeaks out a win, 17-13.

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