Raiders mega-fan Tom Hanks sends heartfelt letter to Ken Stabler’s daughter

Actor Tom Hanks sent a heartfelt letter when he received some mementos from Ken Stabler's storied Raiders career.
Robert Riger/Getty Images

Tom Hanks lost his childhood idol when Oakland Raiders legend Ken Stabler passed away in July.

When Stabler’s daughter, Kendra Stabler Moyes, sent him some Stabler-related memorabilia, a mourning Hanks said thanks with a heartfelt letter.

The acclaimed actor even typed the note to Stabler Moyes out on a typewriter.

"The Snake" famously noted he could study his playbook by the light of a jukebox. There was no cooler sporting icon to worship for a Bay Area youth like Hanks.

Stabler died on July 8 from complications of colon cancer. He was 69.

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