Mark Davis: Raiders would ‘kick ass’ in Los Angeles

Mark Davis has every reason to believe his team would thrive in Los Angeles now.
Jake Roth/Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Davis saw how many silver and black-clad fans packed Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday.

The Raiders' owner has no reason to believe they won't do the same a little further up the I-5.

“There is no question in our mind that we're one of the teams that could make it go in L.A,” Davis told Inside SoCal's Vincent Bonsignore. “There is a Raiders Nation there. We'd kick ass.”

There's no reason to doubt Davis' logic. Diehards showed up in San Diego wearing full “Black Hole” garb, made deafening noise when the Chargers took the field, and added in a few hometown chants when Amari Cooper caught the ball.

Davis thinks he can replicate that aura in America's second-largest city. And even though the rival Chargers beat him to the punch in declaring relocation intent, Davis thinks they'll beat them there, too.

Said Davis: “If it’s objective, there is no doubt in my mind we’ve hit every relocation criteria.”

(h/t Inside SoCal)

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