Clive Walford proved he’s the Raiders’ future tight end with one catch

Clive Walford might be the next great tight end out of Miami. It's his time to shine now.
Orlando Jorge Ramirez/Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

For six weeks, Clive Walford was trapped behind two other tight ends on Oakland's depth chart.

Those days ended when Walford tracked down a perfect touchdown pass from Derek Carr on Sunday, though.

“(Carr) snapped the ball and I saw the way the defender played it,” Walford told Silver & Black Pride. “I felt like he was going to come at me, so I ran my route, cut back, saw the ball and knew I had to make a play on it.”

So much for Walford's rookie grace period. He's reading defenses and adjusting like a 10-year veteran would.

The Raiders might be wise to anoint Walford as their future. They'd permit him to grow alongside Carr and wideout Amari Cooper into what could be a terrifying set of triplets.

That's the long-term plan, according to head coach Jack Del Rio. But that long-term plan might kick in this week.

Said Del Rio: “We think Clive's a good young football player that has a bright future who we want to develop him and grow him and have him be a big part of what we're doing.”

(h/t Silver & Black Pride)

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