Oakland Raiders near lock for Las Vegas with Chargers move

The San Diego Chargers are shockingly on the move to Los Angeles after 55 years in San Diego. Does this mean the Oakland Raiders are Las Vegas bound?

In a shocking turn of events, the San Diego Chargers are bound for Los Angeles, joining the Rams. This could make the Oakland Raiders’ move to Las Vegas an essential lock.

Schefter goes on to report that there is always a possibility something could change at the last minute, but that barring the unexpected, the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. This is a pretty surreal development, even more so than the Rams’ franchise moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles. The Chargers spent their first year of existence (1960) in L.A., but moved to San Diego the following year and have been there ever since.

From my perspective, it’s pretty clear that the city of San Diego — though it may be aweseome — has been a pretty bad host for a football team in recent years. That much has become apparent, and if the NFL’s most influential owners were willing to approve Dean Spanos and his pursuit of relocation, why would they not support the Raiders’ impending move to Las Vegas, Nevada?

The stage has been set for Oakland to move to Las Vegas with Los Angeles now out of the picture. The question now becomes when the Raiders will be able to make the switch and how long it’s going to take us all to get used to the idea. The Raiders had the second option on Los Angeles if Spanos and the Chargers passed, but it’s no secret owner Mark Davis has wanted to be in Las Vegas.

Now, the Chargers are reportedly on the move to Los Angeles and more owners are becoming amenable to the idea of the Raiders switching markets.

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