It’s either Oakland, L.A., or bust for Raiders legend Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen hopes he's not the last first draft pick by the Los Angeles Raiders.
John Betancourt/NFL

Hall of Fame running back Marcus Allen has heard the rumors connecting his old team to Portland and San Antonio.

He’s hoping neither one comes to pass. The first player drafted in Los Angeles Raiders history thinks his team belongs in either Oakland or L.A. — and that’s it.

Allen, via Around The NFL

I played for the L.A. Raiders. I was the first draft choice of the L.A. Raiders. Now, Oakland is an amazing town and I've always said this. If they don't stay in Oakland, L.A. should be the place because there is so much history there.”

Allen better hope the San Diego Chargers stay put, then. It looks likely that they’ll join the newly-reolcated Los Angeles Rams in Southern California, thereby excluding the Raiders from moving there.

That could force owner Mark Davis to move elsewhere — and forsake a state full of Raiders fans in the process.

Said Allen:

“I feel for the people in St. Louis much like I felt for the people of L.A. and Orange County when the Rams left. And you know, when the Raiders ended up leaving as well after establishing such a dynamic following.”