Bill Musgrave might not be the guy to coordinate this Raiders offense

The Raiders' offense once looked promising behind playcaller Bill Musgrave. Change might be necessary.
Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The man who calls Oakland's plays may no longer be a match for the offense he runs.

That's the simple truth — and it could force the Oakland Raiders to re-examine their relationship with Bill Musgrave this offseason.

It's no fault of Musgrave's. But history shows that the 18-year coaching veteran has more success with a ball control offense that centers around a power running game. 

There's no Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, or Michael Turner to balance out Oakland's attack. Consqeuently, the Silver and Black has a -72 point differential in the fourth quarter, when Musgrave wants to lean on Latavius Murray to close out games.

Last weekend's loss showed Musgrave's limitations. With a six-point fourth quarter lead, he dialed up no plays for Amari Cooper or Michael Crabtree — until the team faced a crucial third down.

Derek Carr threw a game-changing pick-six on his next throw. That's on the Raiders' quarterback, but it's also on Musgrave, whose system might be too old for its dynamic players.

(h/t Bay Area Sports Guy)

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