Del Rio plans to get the Raiders focused on fundamentals (VIDEO)

The Oakland Raiders introduced their new head coach on Friday.

Jack Del Rio became the 19th head coach in franchise history and is committed to building Oakland’s football team from the ground up.

"There’s not a magic wand that anybody can wave," Del Rio said in the press conference, which is shown in the video above. "It’s a process. We’re going to work hard on that starting today and moving forward."

The starting point, for Del Rio, is getting back to the basics.

"The biggest thing is there’s a mentality that needs to be pervasive in the building," Del Rio said. "There’s an understanding of some of the fundamental beliefs that I believe are playing good football. Some of that is so fundamental that it’s not exciting to talk about."

Del Rio, who piloted Denver’s defense last season, had five Pro Bowl selections playing in his unit.

For the Raiders, at least, the defense should eventually be something to hang their hat on.