Oakland Raiders Among Favorites To Win Super Bowl LII

Odds to win the 2017 Super Bowl are out, and the Oakland Raiders are amongst the most favored teams to be crowned champs.

The 2016 NFL season has now officially come and gone. While the Oakland Raiders fell short of the Super Bowl, there’s always next year, right?

For the Raiders, their odds of winning Super Bowl LII are 16 to 1, according to the Westgate Superbook. This is tied for the fifth highest mark in the NFL, including ties.

The Patriots sit atop the sportsbook odtds, at 19 to 4. The Cowboys follow at 9 to 1, and the Packers and Steelers are both at 10 to 1. The Falcons are next at 14 to 1, and then the Broncos, Vikings and Seahawks are all tied with the Raiders at 16 to 1.

So amongst AFC teams, only New England and Pittsburgh have better odds, with Denver having the same odds.

Considering Oakland’s 12-4 run in 2016, getting them at 16 to 1 seems like great value. There are even some sportsbooks that have them as low as 20 to 1.

For comparison, the Raiders opened up the 2016 season at 66 to 1 by most accounts. Quite the improvement year over year.

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