Oakland City Council Holds Closed Session; Offer Made From Ronnie Lott Group

The city of Oakland could be making progress towards an 11th hour deal to keep the Raiders in Oakland, per ABC 7 News.

With the Las Vegas stadium project already given the green light, albeit with a few more hurdles still to jump through to turn that dream into a reality, could the city of Oakland still be in the running?

To date, Mayor Libby Schaaf has not budged on her stance to not use public funds to help the Raiders build a stadium in Oakland, and nor should she. But there has not been a viable plan provide by Mark Davis or any third-parties to help the cause.

Ronnie Lott and his group has plans to change that.

Per ABC 7 News, the Oakland city council is meeting in a special closed session on Monday, where a vote is expected on an offer for the Coliseum property, put forth by a group headed by Ronnie Lott.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors will also vote on the offer as early as Tuesday.

If the offer from the Lott Group is approved by each entity, they can then enter into negotiations with the Raiders on a deal to build a stadium.

It remains to be seen what the details of this proposal include, and also, who Rott has involved in his group, which is the most important part of all of this, as Lott needs plenty of financial firepower in his corner to even get to the table.


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