No fine for hit on Collie

The NFL will not hand out any discipline for the hit that gave

Indianapolis wide receiver Austin Collie a concussion in

Philadelphia on Sunday.

Collie was hit by Eagles safety Quintin Mikell, then took a shot

to the helmet from fellow safety Kurt Coleman’s helmet in the

second quarter. Collie briefly lost consciousness and was taken off

the field by stretcher.

Coleman was penalized for unnecessary roughness.

The NFL said because the helmet-to-helmet contact was a result

of Collie being driven toward Coleman by Mikell’s legal hit, there

will be no fine. The league said game officials have been

instructed to err on the side of player safety, and when in doubt,

”penalize in situations such as this for unnecessary


”I don’t think you can (fine him),” Colts linebacker and

defensive captain Gary Brackett said. ”I didn’t really see the hit

until the replays, but things happen and I don’t think it was

intentional. You don’t have the luxury to not hit someone.”

As for the scary scene in which players from both sides stood

around and the fans went silent at the Linc, Brackett added: ”It’s

tough to see a teammate down on the field like that, but I don’t

the hit was intentional. But you don’t want to see a guy down not