Super Bowl missing some ad icons

We always knew the E-Trade baby would someday grow up and move out … of his customary commercial spot during the Super Bowl.

We just never knew it would be so soon.

But E-Trade announced this week that it would be one of several Super Bowl staples not appearing during this year’s game. After seven straight years, the baby is going bye-bye, as are Jared and Subway, and the girls, though GoDaddy still will air a spot with Danica Patrick.

"The women you’ll see in our Super Bowl commercials this year will be super-smart, successful small-business owners," Barb Rechterman, chief marketing officer at GoDaddy, told USA Today.

E-Trade isn’t revealing if the baby will be back — "Stay tuned," said Rich Muhlstock, senior vice president of branding and acquisition at E-Trade, in an email to USA Today. Subway says it’s focusing on the Winter Olympics.

But men 18 to 34 may be glad to know Axe body spray will be back.