NFLPA president on Brady ruling: ‘It’s not even worth trying to guess’

The biggest elephant in the NFL’s metaphorical room is the Tom Brady ruling. Much like the Greg Hardy decision, the NFL appears to be dragging its feet on an announcement, and no one knows when that decision will come. Not even NFLPA President Eric Winston has a guess. In fact, he’s not even going to waste his time and try to estimate when it’ll come.

Who knows if the ruling will even come this year. MMQB’s Peter King suggested that the NFL should put off a decision until next year, which likely wouldn’t go over well with many — including Brady’s camp. Winston also told PFT Live if Brady is not exonerated, he and the NFLPA are "prepared to take the next step, whatever that next step might be."

Brady has already prepared to take the NFL to court if his suspension isn’t completely dropped, as well. A situation as such would not bode well for the NFL, as that’s a battle Brady could possibly win. Until then, we’ll join Winston and everyone else in waiting for an announcement.

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Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports