NFL Week 9: Super Bowl 51 odds

Heading into Week 9 of the season, here are the Super Bowl 51 odds for all 32 NFL teams.

Eight weeks are in the books for this wild NFL season and with many teams either at or nearing the halfway point, it’s becoming more and more clear on who the real contenders are going to be come playoff time.

The New England Patriots continue to roll and their odds of winning Super Bowl LI are even better now than they were last week after avenging their lone loss of the season with a victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and lead the NFL with a 7-1 record heading into their bye week.

The Dallas Cowboys are right behind them with a 6-1 record with a big division win on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles and will likely match the Pats’ mark as they head to Cleveland this weekend for a matchup with the winless Browns.

The 4-2-1 Seattle Seahawks join the Cowboys with 10-1 odds to win the Super Bowl and the Green Bay Packers are right behind them at 12-1. The Minnesota Vikings took a bit of a hit after a loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday night and are joined by three other teams at 14-1. Let’s take a look at how the odds of winning Super Bowl LI shape up heading into Week 9.

Odds are courtesy of Bovada.

  • New England Patriots (2-1)
  • Dallas Cowboys (10-1)
  • Seattle Seahawks (10-1)
  • Green Bay Packers (12-1)
  • Minnesota Vikings (14-1)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (14-1)
  • Denver Broncos (14-1)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (14-1)
  • Atlanta Falcons (16-1)
  • Arizona Cardinals (25-1)
  • Oakland Raiders (28-1)
  • Carolina Panthers (28-1)
  • New York Giants (40-1)
  • Houston Texans (40-1)
  • Indianapolis Colts (50-1)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (50-1)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (50-1)
  • Washington Redskins (66-1)
  • Baltimore Ravens (66-1)
  • New Orleans Saints (66-1)
  • Buffalo Bills (75-1)
  • San Diego Chargers (75-1)
  • Detroit Lions (100-1)
  • Tennessee Titans (100-1)
  • Los Angeles Rams (100-1)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (150-1)
  • Miami Dolphins (150-1)
  • New York Jets (200-1)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (500-1)
  • Chicago Bears (500-1)

And if you’re looking for odds on the San Francisco 49ers or the Cleveland Browns, they’re simply not listed anymore. You could put any number on either of those teams that you’d like and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference. Let’s be honest here. At this point in the year, if you plan on putting money down on the Browns or the Niners then you may need to seek some help because you may have a serious problem.

Week 9 of the NFL season gets underway on Thursday night when the Atlanta Falcons head to Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs in the first of 13 games on the schedule this week.

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