NFL Week 8: We finally found the good

Over the last few weeks, my Tuesday morning NFL Column has been negative towards the NFL. This week, I looked to be positive.

With 13 games on the NFL’s Week 8 schedule, it’s should be easy to find the positives. Let’s just start with the first game of the week, Tennessee and Jacksonville.

Crap, seems like we’re off to a rough start and it’s just the first game of the weekend.

Jacksonville at Tennessee 

The Tennessee Titans might be the best team in the AFC South. I know that’s not saying much but this season has given fans a chance to watch the continued progress of second-year quarterback Marcus Mariota. Against the Jags, Mariota was very efficient going 18-of-22 for 270 yards and two touchdowns. With the rest of the division struggling, maybe it’s time for some new blood out of the Music City.

See, that wasn’t so hard. OK, what’s the next game. *Sees Washington and Cincinnati*


OK, I said I was gonna be positive.

Washington vs Cincinnati

They scored more points in a tie compared to the tie Arizona and Seattle had. There you go, I was positive.

Kansas City at Indianapolis 

With Alex Smith being knocked out of the game twice, Nick Foles came off the bench and filled in perfectly throwing for two scores as the Chiefs beat the Colts 30-14. Foles should be a great replacement for Smith given his knowledge of Andy Reid’s defense from their time back in Philly.

Arizona at Carolina 

Last season’s NFC title game was nothing to write home about. This one wasn’t either but it felt good to see the Panthers actually play like a team that’s still trying to fight. While Carolina won, it appears the season’s biggest disappointment has been the Arizona Cardinals. However, we won’t discuss the Cardinals because this is all about being positive.

Oakland at Tampa Bay 

Hey! Look at that, a game that went to overtime and didn’t end in a tie! Whoo! Even with the OT session, the star of the game was Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. With one of the best performances of the week, Carr set the franchise record with 513 passing yards and no interceptions the Raiders have their quarterback of the future. Things are looking good for at least one Bay Area team.

Seattle at New Orleans 

The New Orleans Saints outlasted the Seahawks in one of the more entertaining games of the day. Not sure Seahawks fans expected Tim Hightower, of all people, to rush for over 100 yards but hey, it happened!

New York at Cleveland 

The Jets proved they are better than the Browns. If you’re a Jets fan, you gotta happy with that small but important victory.

Detroit at Houston

The Texans rebounded from their Monday night loss to beat the Lions which is the positive. Now if the Houston can find someone else to pay Brock Osweiler, they’d have another positive.

New England at Buffalo 

The Patriots got revenge on the Bills and Tom Brady has yet to throw an interception since he’s come back from his suspension. Oh dear, the Patriots are scary.

San Diego at Denver 

Any time the Denver defense does anything good, it’s a positive. However, they might be without Wade Phillips for a while who suffered a nasty fall during the game.

Green Bay at Atlanta 

The defeat of Green Bay might be the major storyline but is it time we start talking about Atlanta as a contender in the NFC? Yep, I think it is.

Philadelphia at Dallas 

On Sunday night we saw the emergence of the latest quarterback rivalry in the NFC East. Both Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz played fantastic in their first big primetime game. I was worried about how they’d do but in a season where primetime games have been bad, this was actually good.

You can make the case that Philly and Dallas have played the best game of the 2016 season so far. The NFL in 2016 has been weird.

Minnesota at Chicago 

The Bears won a game! Now that’s a positive in any week if you’re a Bears fan.

See, I did it! I was positive towards the NFL this week (by the grace of God somehow) Maybe I can do this again next wee-never mind.

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