Earl Thomas Injured and Tweeting About Retirement, Eric Berry Does It All, Gronk-Less Pats Do Just Fine

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This week's show:

1. Seahawks win but lose Earl Thomas, who then tweets about retirement

2. Eric Berry scores all the points

3. Gronk-less Patriots pretty much the same thing as Gronk Patriots

4. Raiders win again and make it a lot of fun again

5. The wondrous David Johnson and what’s bugging Jay Gruden

6. Le’Veon Bell carries the load, while Giants revert back to old ways

7. Joe Flacco channels Warren Moon circa 1990

8. Lions hammer the Saints, time for Stafford MVP campaign

9. The Lightning-ish Round (Bears-49ers put on uniforms and play football, Bengals get back on track while Eagles collapse, Packers-Texans slug it out in the snow, what to do with Bortles in 2017?, Bucs looked great and we apologize for short-changing them in this week’s show)

10. Week 13 Awards

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