NFL Week 11: Super Bowl 51 odds

The 2016 NFL season enters Week 11 on Thursday, Nov. 17. Here are the latest odds for each NFL team’s Super Bowl 51 chances.

Week 11 of the 2016 NFL season begins on Thursday, Nov. 17 when the Carolina Panthers host their NFC South rival New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football. NBC will have the telecast.

On Sunday Night Football in Week 10, we potentially saw a Super Bowl 51 preview between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. The Seahawks topped the Patriots by a score in Foxborough.

If those are two of the best teams in the NFL, what are their Super Bowl 51 odds? What about the odds for all 32 teams. Here are the latest Super Bowl odds for each NFL club, according to

Arizona Cardinals: +2,200
Atlanta Falcons: +1,800
Baltimore Ravens: +2,800
Buffalo Bills: +15,000
Carolina Panthers: +5,000
Chicago Bears: +50,000
Cincinnati Bengals: +5,000
Cleveland Browns: +300,000
Dallas Cowboys: +550
Denver Broncos: +1,600
Detroit Lions: +4,000
Green Bay Packers: +2,500
Houston Texans: +3,300
Indianapolis Colts: +4,000
Jacksonville Jaguars: +100,000
Kansas City Chiefs: +1,600
Los Angeles Rams: +15,000
Miami Dolphins: +7,500
Minnesota Vikings: +4,000
New England Patriots: +230
New Orleans Saints: +10,000
New York Giants: +2,800
New York Jets: +30,000
Oakland Raiders: +2,000
Philadelphia Eagles: +6,600
Pittsburgh Steelers: +2,000
San Diego Chargers: +15,000
San Francisco 49ers: +100,000
Seattle Seahawks: +625
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +15,000
Tennessee Titans: +6,600
Washington Redskins: +5,000

Only three teams have better than +1,000 odds of getting to Super Bowl LI in Houston: New England (+230), Seattle (+625), and the Dallas Cowboys (+550). New England has the clearest path of the three, as the Patriots are in the AFC. Dallas and Seattle have earned the right to have the second and third-best Super Bowl odds entering Week 11 for their stellar play so far this season.

Five teams have between +1,000 and +2,000 odds: the Atlanta Falcons (+1,800), the Denver Broncos (+1,600), the Kansas City Chiefs (+1,600), the Oakland Raiders (+2,000), and the Pittsburgh Steelers (+2,000).

Atlanta is a decent get at +1,800, as the Falcons seem to be the third-best team in the NFC through Week 10. Denver, Kansas City, and Oakland could all make the AFC Playoffs despite playing in the same AFC West. All three seem like they have reasonable Super Bowl odds.

You’re better off putting your money in a garbage disposal than taking Pittsburgh at +2,000. This team is 4-5, Ben Roethlisberger has implicitly called out head coach Mike Tomlin twice this season, and the Steelers will need to win the AFC North to even reach the AFC Playoffs.

14 NFL teams have between +2,000 and +10,000 odds to make it to Super Bowl 51. The best get in the NFC has to be the Washington Redskins at +5,000. At 5-3-1, this feels like an NFC Wild Card team at the halfway point. The offense looks good with Kirk Cousins under center. This might be a better team than the Washington team that won the NFC East a year ago at 9-7.

The best get in the AFC in that +2,000 to +10,000 range has to be the Tennessee Titans at +6,600. Though they lost head-to-head with the AFC South leading Houston Texans earlier this season, Marcus Mariota has been fantastic in recent weeks at quarterback. Don’t be shock if it is the Titans that win the AFC South and not the Texans.

Stay away from the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC and the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC, both at +4,000. The Colts don’t have the defensive personnel to play consistently week to week. Minnesota’s offense has become a dumpster fire since its Week 6 bye.

The best get at over +10,000 has to be the Buffalo Bills at +15,000. Buffalo may not be a playoff team, but this is a physical football team that plays hard for head coach Rex Ryan. They do tend to lose the close games, but if they can bounce back after its Week 10 bye, this could be a re-energized group ready to make headway in the AFC.

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