NFL TV Schedule and Broadcast Map: Week 6

Taking a look at the NFL TV schedule and broadcast map for Week 6 to see which games will be on in your area and when they kick off

After five weeks of the 2016 NFL season, it’s becoming clearer who the contenders and pretenders are throughout the league. However, there are still teams that have hopes of making a late season run. While it might not be like winning 10 in a row as the Kansas City Chiefs did last season, a run is still in play.

What’s fantastic about the NFL Week 6 slate of games is that there are numerous matchups between these contenders or between contenders and teams poised to make a run. There’s a ton of fantastic action set to take the field and occupy your Sunday.

The question, as always, is whether or not these games will be aired in your area. The NFL TV schedule is always varying given different means, so it’s always something to keep an eye one. Lucky for you, we’ve got the rundown for the schedule and broadcast maps in Week 6.

Here’s a look at the NFL TV schedule for Week 6:

Away Team Home Team Time (EST) TV Channel
49ers Bills 1 p.m. FOX
Eagles Redskins 1 p.m. FOX
Browns Titans 1 p.m. CBS
Ravens Giants 1 p.m. CBS
Panthers Saints 1 p.m. FOX
Jaguars Bears 1 p.m. CBS
Rams Lions 1 p.m. FOX
Steelers Dolphins 1 p.m. CBS
Bengals Patriots 1 p.m. CBS
Chiefs Raiders 4:05 p.m. CBS
Falcons Seahawks 4:25 p.m. FOX
Cowboys Packers 4:25 p.m. FOX
Colts Texans 8:30 p.m. NBC

Clearly there is a heavy slate of games at 1 p.m. ET with some great action on display. However, the three late-afternoon games are all fantastic and could steal the day.

Here’s a look at the broadcast maps for Sunday’s Week 6 coverage (via 506 Sports):

CBS Early (with Single Late Game)

Key: Bengals at Patriots (Pink), Ravens at Giants (Blue), Steelers at Dolphins (Yellow), Jaguars at Bears (Orange), Browns at Titans (Turquoise), Chiefs at Raiders—Late Game (Green)

FOX Early

Key: Eagles at Redskins (Pink), Panthers at Saints (Blue), Rams at Lions (Green), 49ers at Bills (Yellow), No Game Due to Local CBS Game (Gray)

FOX Late

Key: Cowboys at Packers (Pink), Falcons at Seahawks (Blue), No Game Due to CBS Local Game (Gray)

Needless to say with the matchups in Week 6, you could be happy no matter where you are. However, if you want to watch an out-of-market game, there’s always NFL Sunday Ticket to help you with your troubles.

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