Here’s how much the NFL salary cap is expected to rise in 2017

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Teams are expected to have a bit more money to spend in the upcoming offseason thanks to a jump in the salary cap. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the salary cap will reportedly climb about $10 million. It’s expected to be somewhere between $163 million to $165 million, which is up from the current $155.27 million.

Of course, this isn’t a final amount, but it’s the projected number as it stands right now. NFL owners will meet in Dallas this week at which point the first amount will be presented by the management council.

The final amount will be declared before the new league year begins in March. Since 2013, the salary cap has risen by more than $32 million. That year, it was $123 million before jumping to $133 million in 2014 and $143.28 million last season.

Among the teams expected to have the most cap space next season are the Browns, 49ers and Buccaneers.