NFL Rumors: Jon Gruden a ‘Focal Point’ of Rams HC Search

Monday Night Football analyst and former head coach Jon Gruden is someone the Los Angeles Rams are reportedly keying in on in their head coach search.

The Los Angeles Rams are reportedly focusing in on ESPN analyst Jon Gruden as their search for a head coach has begun.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, Gruden has become a high priority for the Rams in their search for a replacement for Jeff Fisher:

The Los Angeles Rams are moving toward a meeting with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden about the team’s head coaching vacancy, multiple sources with knowledge of the Rams’ coaching search have told Yahoo Sports. The sources indicated that Gruden has become a focal point on the Rams list of candidates, but that other candidates could also come into play – notably Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw and New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

Robinson also says that Gruden will want full control of personnel decisions or else he won’t be inclined to take the job. In fact, that would be a necessary concession just to get a meeting with the former head coach.

Gruden is an offensive-minded guy, which is what the Rams are seeking and desperately need. After all, Los Angeles sports one of the worst offenses in the NFL this season.

Jon Gruden Believes in Jared Goff

Of course, the Rams will have to lure Gruden from a cushy job on Monday Night Football that pays him well.

Per Robinson’s report, Gruden’s return to coaching will be heavily based on the quarterback situation he’s walking into. His belief in Jared Goff will play a huge role in whether or not he wants the job:

“He does believe in him – that’s not just for TV,” one source familiar with Gruden said. “He thinks [Goff] has the stuff to be a franchise quarterback. I don’t know if Jon would have traded the farm to get him, but he sees him as a guy that was worthy of building a team around him. He sees leadership and star power there.”

If the Rams are looking to make a splash, Gruden would certainly qualify as such; although they’ll have to give Gruden the keys to the car if they’re serious about bringing him in.

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