NFL Rumors: Could Browns Pursue Tyrod Taylor If He’s Released?

As the Cleveland Browns offseason continues their pursuit of a quarterback, could that lead them to the Buffalo Bills’ 2016 starter, Tyrod Taylor?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but the Cleveland Browns need a quarterback. Since their return to Ohio, it’s been an endless cycle of draft busts, underperforming veterans, and whatever you prefer to call Johnny Manziel. As they head into the 2017 offseason, though, they have a bevy of draft picks and cap room thanks to an extensive rebuild. Subsequently, the assumption has been that they’d pursue a quarterback.

However, the big question has been how they plan to attack that issue. While many have assumed that they’d use a draft pick to do so, the lingering possibility of signing a free agent signal-caller has remained. And now it appears that there’s at least a chance that they could go after one of the bigger names possibly on the open market.

All indications seem to be that the Buffalo Bills plan to cut Tyrod Taylor this offseason. While that’s not a foregone conclusion, that seems to be the intended course of action with a new regime coming in. And if that were to happen, there might be a chance that the Browns could make a run at signing Taylor.

ESPN compiled a list of predictions from their staff of NFL Nation writers and reporters for each team’s biggest offseason change. For the Browns, Pat McManamon predicted that Cleveland would sign Taylor in free agency to try and answer their quarterback woes.

While this is just a list of predictions, the source of the predictions is important here. These are reporters plugged into the team and the pulse of what the front office plans to do. So for McManamon to even suggest that means that it’s at least a possibility to happen. We won’t know what the Browns’ actual plans are for quite some time. However, this now causes fans to keep their eye on at least one more player that might be coming to Cleveland this offseason.

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