NFL Rumors: Buffalo Bills Going After Sean McDermott as Next Head Coach

In recent NFL rumors, the Buffalo Bills are likely to hire Sean McDermott as their next head coach after recently firing Rex Ryan.

The offseason for the Buffalo Bills started with plenty of questions, but recent NFL rumors point to the team having solved one of the biggest — who will be at the head coaching slot for the next season and beyond?

Sean McDermott looks to be the most likely answer to that question, but the Bills have yet to make a final decision on the coaching status.

According to multiple sources, the Bills were very pleased with their first interview of McDermott, and that the team has scheduled a second interview with him on Wednesday, while not keeping close contact with any of the other of the other candidates.

According to’s Ian Rapoport, if the second interview goes well, McDermott will have the job.

McDermott has most recently been involved in the NFL as the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator. With the Panthers missing the playoffs this year, they may be looking to make changes of their own. Although the Panthers defense was not anything special this past season (ranking 26th in points allowed and 21st in yards allowed) the hire looks to be a good one for the Bills.

With the Bills having a decent defense already, McDermott can latch onto that and launch his coaching career with the Bills as a hard-hitting defense, with room to work on the offensive side of the ball. By no means is McDermott coming into a fantastic situation in Buffalo, but no new head coach is in the NFL. McDermott has no experience as a professional head coach.

Mcdermott is regularly regarded as a motivator of a coach, and a man who gets his players to do what they need to do to win. Although the Panthers took a step back defensively this year, they were sixth in points and yards allowed as recently as last season, so there’s reason to believe that with the right pieces — which the Bills have — McDermott will be the guy for the Bills.

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