NFL quarterback rankings, Week 12: Dak Prescott can’t lose

The NFL quarterback rankings for Week 12 are here. Tom Brady remains unquestioned, Alex Smith can’t figure it out and Dak Prescott refuses to lose.

Blaine Gabbert Memorial Division

32. Colin Kaepernick

Jack Trudeau Division

31. Jared Goff

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick

29. Blake Bortles

28. Josh McCown

27. Brock Osweiler

Kelly Stouffer Division

26. Trevor Siemian

25. Carson Wentz

24. Tyrod Taylor

Trent Dilfer Division

23. Jameis Winston

22. Joe Flacco

21. Jay Cutler

Craig Morton Division

20. Alex Smith

19. Sam Bradford

18. Carson Palmer

17. Ryan Tannehill

Michael Vick Division

16. Cam Newton

15. Marcus Mariota

14. Russell Wilson

Terry Bradshaw Division

13. Andy Dalton

12. Eli Manning

11. Kirk Cousins

Troy Aikman Division

10. Ben Roethlisberger

9. Dak Prescott

8. Andrew Luck

7. Philip Rivers

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Dan Fouts Division

6. Aaron Rodgers

5. Matthew Stafford

Joe Montana Division

4. Drew Brees

3. Derek Carr

2. Matt Ryan

1. Tom Brady

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