NFL Playoffs 2017: Final prediction for Raiders vs Texans

As the NFL Playoffs 2017 have finally arrived, here’s a final prediction for today’s Raiders vs Texans AFC Wild Card game.

Kicking off the NFL Playoffs 2017, the first game today is the start of Wild Card weekend. These are the Cinderella teams that might have to work harder than the top seeded teams but could very well surprise the football world.

Today at 4:35 p.m. Eastern Time, the Oakland Raiders hit the road to face the Houston Texans. This might very well be a snoozefest in the grand scheme of things due to the quarterbacks set to face each other.

With Connor Cook set to start in his first ever playoff game and Brock Osweiler returning back to the spotlight, this game should come down to how well each respective defense holds up. The quarterback that makes a critical mistake or turnover could very well what decides the final outcome of this game. Who knows how good Cook will do but expect to see Osweiler struggle today.

It’s crazy to see that the Raiders are considered the underdogs when they were a force to reckon with just a few weeks ago. With devastating injuries that hit key players, the Raiders are on the outside looking in and have their work cut out for them. The Texans defense has stepped up tremendously but overall inconsistency has defined them all season long.

Even though the Texans won the AFC South for a second consecutive year, they will once again be “one and done” when it matters most. Expect to see the Raiders commit to establishing the run and putting defensive end Khalil Mack in a position to turn Osweiler’s day into a nightmare.

Again, this game could be a boring one but expect to see the Raiders squeak out a win at the expense of Texans. Cook will be put in a position to succeed catered to his strengths with an emphasis on running the football and behind a stout defense. He’ll deliver in a simplified offense featuring short passing plays that eventually sets up some play-action ones as the game progresses. Cook has a decent arm but it’s doubtful the Raiders will put everything on his shoulders to deliver.

Overall, the Raiders got this. It won’t be pretty but the Raiders will do just enough to leave this game victorious. Don’t go into this game with high expectations as it’ll more than likely be decided by a late-game field goal.

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