Report: Odom was part of love triangle

NFL player Antwan Odom, who was shot at during a home invasion earlier this week, appeared to be involved in a love-triangle between friends, according to FOX10 News.

Tony Gildersleeve was officially charged with attempted murder and first degree burglary on Tuesday after police say he unlawfully entered Odom’s home in Irvington, Ala., early Monday morning and fired a shotgun at Odom, who was in bed.

The friendship between Odom and Gildersleeve goes back to high school when they both played football at Alma Bryant.

Another high school friend, Tina Davis, was with Odom at the time of the shooting, according to the FOX10 News report. Davis, who the sheriff’s office says was Gildersleeve’s girlfriend, was not hurt by the gunfire.

"It’s my understanding the first shot went into the headboard and into the wall above the bed, and the second shot grazed his leg," Lori Myles told the television station.

"Mr. Odom was very lucky that he was not hurt any worse than he was."

Gildersleeve will remain in jail until his bond hearing, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Odom was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the 2004 NFL draft after starring at Alabama. He played three seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals before being released in July.