Cowherd: Here is how you fix the NFL overtime rules

The ending to the Cardinals and Packers divisional-round playoff game on Saturday brought with it a familiar tune: Green Bay never got a chance to get the ball on offense, losing 26-20 after Arizona drove 80 yards in essentially two plays for the winning score.

The now-knee-jerk criticism has been bandied about once again in the game’s wake: Why can’t both teams get the ball in overtime?

Well FS1’s Colin Cowherd has a solution for this problem.

"If the home team can’t win in regulation, road teams should always get first possession in overtime," he said on Monday.  "Instead of an old man flipping a coin haphazardly, just let it be that the road team always gets the first shot."

Currently, NFL overtime rules allow for two possessions if the first team doesn’t score –€“ then the game goes to sudden death –€“ or if the team that score’s on the opening possession kicks a field goal.

The Cardinals on Saturday went with the other scenario –€“ scoring a touchdown first to win. That’s the only way to win on the first possession.

Cowherd explained his reasoning in more detail above.