Report: NFL pulls Cooper segment

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asked the NFL Network to pull a segment featuring Bradley Cooper — star of the film “Silver Linings Playbook" — because the film features a sports bookie, according to a report in the New York Post.

Cooper and co-star Chris Tucker filmed an interview earlier in the week with NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen that was intended to be featured on the network’s “Thanksgiving Special.”

The interview previously was approved and had been prominently promoted online. But Goodell stepped in Wednesday and asked the network to cancel the segment because Robert De Niro plays a bookie in the film.

“The segment was pulled because the movie included content related to gambling on NFL games,” an NFL media representative confirmed to the Post.

The segment’s online promotion included a picture of Cooper, Tucker and Eisen. After Goodell’s intervention, the picture was replaced with one of Eisen and Mad Men actor John Slattery.

“We are deeply disappointed in the NFL’s decision, and we are quite frankly surprised,” said Harvey Weinstein, executive producer of “Silver Linings Playbook.” “Pulling a pre-taped interview with our stars is nothing short of censorship.

"("Silver Linings Playbook") is not a film about gambling in the NFL. It’s a film about fathers and sons and football bonding a family together.”