NFL dings Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media

Who knew silence, along with being golden, also came with a pretty large price tag?

The NFL has reportedly fined Marshawn Lynch $50,000 for failing to speak with the media throughout the season, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Lynch declined to talk to reporters after games all season, until Friday rolled around. He sat down with reporters to talk briefly about hit 1,257-yard, 12-touchdown 2013 campaign.

Below, as transcribed by ESPN, are some snippets of how the 1 minute, 23 second interview went.

Q: How do you think the season has gone, Marshawn?

Lynch: "Gone pretty well."

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming playoffs?

Lynch: "I feel good. I like our chances."

Q: What changed to get the running game going again last week?

Lynch: "It was just all of us coming together and playing the game."

Bill Belichick would be proud.