NFL Color Rush Uniforms Now Available in Madden NFL 17

The exceptionally colorful NFL uniforms that were the talk of Twitter will now be in Madden NFL 17 via a software update.

Regardless of how your feel about the NFL’s Color Rush uniform initiative, you have to admit it’s bold and ambitious. Sure it can make colorblind fans go nuts every Thursday night, but now it can make them go nuts every day in Madden NFL 17.

Right off the heels of the uniform unveilings, EA confirmed that Color Rush content would be added into the game via an update. In fact, that update actually came out today. The nearly 1GB download includes the Color Rush uniforms for use in Play Now and Franchise mode.

The jerseys are also heading to Madden Ultimate Team in a later update, according to EA. The splash screen appearing as the game boots up suggests that these will be Elite cards. Other uniforms in MUT are gold items.

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Let’s take a quick look at what we’re getting into, shall we?

EA provided a ton of samples yesterday to get the hype going. Here you can see the Seahawks in Rave Green, the Patriots going all navy (which may change due to them playing Houston, who also got navy uniforms), the Panthers in Carolina Blue and the New York Giants with a throwback of sorts in all white.

It’s important to note that some teams got an all-white jersey to help better contrast the bright colors. The Saints and the Packers are a pair of examples, with the former heading to Carolina in White Power Ranger-esque uniforms in November.

There are a few that obviously stand out as the worst of the bunch. The Jaguars easily are the worst offenders. Not even a talented, young team that could make noise can save them from how much noise these make:

Alternatively, there are really good ones here of teams that didn’t have these uniforms last year and some that are changed. The Steelers being in all-black is a great choice, and the Vikings in all purple and gold look really sharp.

The honor for best uniform (at least in my humble opinion) goes to the San Diego Chargers. A throwback of sorts, the all royal blue is a stark contrast to the lighter blue these guys wear now.

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