Final four teams’ path to the playoffs

Each of the final Super Bowl contenders have had to play through adversity to reach this position in the playoffs. Two of the final four teams are No. 6 seeds, beating both No. 1 seeds last week on the road.

Although the Packers, Steelers and Jets had soaring expectations coming into this season, they were able to maintain a game-by-game approach each week.

The Bears are the only team left that was clearly overlooked in the beginning of the season – even entering this game against the Packers, they still are an underdog at home.

All four teams have had their own distinct obstacles to overcome and each has thrived in the most important part of the season – the playoffs.

Let’s take a look back at the most crucial moments in the season for each of the surviving teams and what led up to their conference title runs.

Steel standing

Pittsburgh began the season without its No. 1 quarterback, but players stepped up in Ben Roethlisberger’s absence and kept the team alive. Top 10 Steelers biggest moments this season

Jet setters

From their dazzling offseason acquisitions, to starring in Hard Knocks, to finally knocking off their vaunted rival, the Jets have endured a dramatic season. Top 10 Jets biggest moments this season

Cheese please

The young talent has evolved in Green Bay and now the Packers are reaping the rewards. Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are in conversations of being in the elite class at their positions. Top 10 Packers biggest moments this season

Bear attack

The Bears have been graced by the emergence of Jay Cutler and Mike Martz has a lot to do with the development. Brian Urlacher had a bounce back season after suffering a season-ending injury in 2009 and has the defense playing at their best. Top 10 Bears biggest moments this season