Report: NFL will fine players for participating in Vegas arm wrestling event

Last week, a group of NFL players took part in the Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Those players probably thought it was a harmless event, but it’s going to cost them some money.

According to NFL Network, the league is going to fine players who participated, a group that includes James Harrison, Kenny Stills, Marquette King and Navorro Bowman.

The reason for the forthcoming fines is that players are banned from participating in events at casinos. Tony Romo had his fantasy football convention cancelled multiple times due to the league’s stance against gambling and casinos.

This latest occurrence will certainly cause the NFL to receive some criticism, considering the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in just a few years. Vegas is obviously a huge gambling and casino-driven city, so the league will likely have to lighten its stance on disciplining players for events like this.