Vick reportedly insisting on painkillers

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has insisted on receiving painkilling injections so he can play with lingering broken ribs as he bids to save the team’s season, NBC Sports reported Sunday, citing sources.

Vick led the Eagles to a thumping 45-19 victory over the Jets on Sunday, completing 15 of 22 passes for 274 yards and one touchdown. He also rushed for 32 yards and a score.

The win saw the Eagles move to 6-8, keeping alive their chances of sneaking into the postseason. The Cowboys lead the NFC East at 8-6, followed by the Giants at 7-7 with two weeks remaining.

The Eagles reportedly have resisted allowing Vick to take the injections because of concerns surrounding his effectiveness when he has received the shots in the past.

But Vick is still experiencing considerable pain from the injury, which forced him to miss practice Wednesday, and he reportedly has persuaded the Eagles to allow him to play with the numbing agents.

Vick also took the painkilling injections before last week’s win over Miami, the source said.