Report: Yankees fans boo Jets QB Geno Smith during game

Geno Smith was met with a chorus of boos at a recent Yankees game.

Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/ Getty Images

New York and Geno Smith seem to have a love-hate relationship. Well, at this point, it’s more of a hate relationship.

According to the New York Daily News, Smith was bombarded with a harsh chorus of boos when the Jets quarterback was shown on the Jumbotron during Saturday’s game between the Yankees and Angels.

And when Smith was asked during the game about Willie Colon’s critical comments from earlier in the week, he responded with a frustrated “no comment.”

While appearing on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Colon made it very clear that the Jets’ success falls on Smith’s shoulders.

“We bought the Porsche; we’ve given him the keys; he can’t crash it,” Colon said. “Bottom line, he can’t crash it. We need him to be on top of his game. We’re doing everything we can as an offensive line to make him comfortable back there.”

When a Yankees reporter asked whether Smith felt any added pressure because of Colon’s comments, he just shook his head.

We all know this is a win-now league, and Smith has to win right now. As Colon said, the rest of the roster is ready to rev up and go. If the Jets fail, it’ll all be considered Smith’s fault.

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