Jets DE Sheldon Richardson: I don’t pat butts, I smack helmets

Sheldon Richardson set the record straight about his butt tapping controversy.
Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

When a player makes a good play on the field, they typically get patted on the butt by their teammates. However, for New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson, butt patting isn't his thing.

He made that evident after sacking Ryan Tannehill in the fourth quarter on Sunday. On the play, Tannehill fumbled the ball, which was then recovered by rookie Lorenzo Mauldin. Tannehill supposedly got a tap on the butt from a Jet, but Richardson is adamant it wasn't from him.

“I don't think I patted him on the butt,” Richardson said via Darryl Slater of “I'm not the butt patter. I might've helped him … I didn't help him up, but I kind of walked off, and celebrated a little bit. Not too much.”

Richardson thinks it was Mauldin who was “guilty” of the gesture, calling himself more of a “helmet smacker.”

“Probably was Zo,” Richardson said. “It wasn't me. I'm not a butt patter. I'm more of a helmet smacker. Not a butt patter.” 

Let the record show that Richardson won't be patting his teammate's butts any time soon. He will, however, smack a few helmets.

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