Shear madness: Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick trims his beard

Fitzbeard and the world will never be the same. 

Thomas J. Russo/Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

In a razor-sharp move neatly coinciding with the end of no-shave November, New York Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has done the unthinkable. 

The longtime sporter of hearty Nordic facial hair has taken a shaver to his luscious outgrowth of a beard. 

The news was first reported by the Jets themselves, who caught the heavy-whiskered QB in the act: 

In the resulting news conference, Fitzpatrick revealed he trimmed back Fitzbeard in order to "switch up the mojo a little bit." Which the struggling Jets may well need going to the end of the NFL season: 

And there was no bristling by Fitzpatrick’s teammate Brandon Marshall, who came out in vocal support of the new look: 

The reporter next to Marshall, however, appears shell-shocked. Which is understandable as well.