PHOTO: Jets’ Brandon Marshall roots for Mets by ‘wearing’ Yankees hat

Brandon Marshall may not know the difference between the Mets and Yankees.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets are taking on the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series with one team moving on to the World Series. Choosing which franchise to root for isn't a problem for most people, but it is for New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Before coming to the Jets, Marshall spent the past three years with the Chicago Bears. Because of that, he's been on pulling for the Cubs. Now with the Jets, Marshall has a tough decision to make. And when there are teams to be selected, Twitter is where ones goes for help.

Marshall asked his followers who he should cheer for, with the Mets coming away victorious.

To show his Met pride, Marshall horribly photoshopped a Mets hat on his head — or did he? Whether he did it on purpose is unknown, but Marshall actually photoshopped a Mets-colored Yankees hat on his head. Whoops!

If he doesn't know the difference between the Mets and Yankees logos, he'll surely hear it from New Yorkers — especially now that he's with the Jets. 

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