Report: Jets bringing an absurd amount of toilet paper to London

The Jets are preparing for their trip to London with sleep therapy and a ridiculous amount of toilet paper.
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Making the trip to London is quite the process for an NFL team.

In preparation for their game against the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, the Jets have made some interesting accommodations.

Ben Shpigel of the New York Times talked to Aaron Degerness, the Jets’ senior manager of team operations, about the responsibilities that come with playing a game in London. Needless to say, it’s an extensive process.

If the Jets were playing in South Florida, for instance, they would not have needed to pack more than 5,000 items — ranging from cereal and extension cords to gauze pads and wrist bands — onto a ship containing supplies for all six N.F.L. teams playing in London this season.

They would not have needed to list the value and country of origin for the contents in every trunk or bag. Or find an industrial launderer to pick up soiled practice clothing at one location and deliver it clean to another. Or fly in the chef at their London hotel to observe how food is cooked and served at team headquarters.

Nothing is more shocking than the amount of toilet paper the Jets are bringing with them: 350 rolls.

Why exactly do the Jets need 350 rolls of toilet paper? Well, because England’s version is thinner.

"Some may say that’s a little over the top or whatnot, but it didn’t really cost that much, so why not?" Degerness said. "We’re basically trying to replicate everything that we’re doing here over there."

They’ve also brought in a sleep specialist to talk to the team in order to get the players’ sleep cycles on track.

Seeing as the Jets will be in London for longer than a typical road trip, it’s understandable that they want to replicate everything from the homeland — toilet paper included.

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