New York Jets: Are They Ready to Implode?

The New York Jets are really struggling early on in the season, and all of the losses might lead this team to implode soon.

After a 1-4 start to the season, the New York Jets are on the verge of imploding it seems. In recent weeks, fans have been calling for the benching of Ryan Fitzpatrick due to his poor play. However, the struggles of Fitzpatrick isn’t the only thing holding the Jets back.

The Jets’ defense is supposed to be one of the best in the league, but they have looked rather poor this season. So far, the Jets’ passing defense has been atrocious this season, and there has been very little pressure on the quarterback since the home-opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall is certainly a leader of the team, and he knows that they are on the verge of seeing this season end early.

“This first part of the season has been really tough,” said wide receiver Brandon Marshall to Darryl Slater of “It’s challenging our relationships. It’s challenging our schemes. It’s challenging the guys that we have.”

Losing can lead to ugly things in professional sports, and the finger pointing will really escalate if the Jets continue to lose. After the loss to the Steelers, defense end Sheldon Richardson was asked if all of his teammates have been playing their hardest.

“I don’t know,” he said to Connor Hughes. “That’s for you all [the media] to decide.”

This type of talk is exactly what the Jets can’t afford to have now. If the Jets begin to turn on each other, this season will get ugly quick.

“Losing in professional sports is really tough,” he said to Slater. “This isn’t like a bad business deal. In business, everything is cordial, and everything is political. This is a volatile game, not only on the field but also at the negotiating table and in the locker room. It’s just unique. There’s a lot of rage. There’s a lot of anger.”

The Jets will be trying to navigate through this impossible six-game stretch to start the season on Monday Night Football this week. Their opponent will be the Arizona Cardinals, and they are also another team that hasn’t played up to their expectations this season.

Coming into the season, many thought that the back-to-back games against the Pittsburgh Steeler and Cardinals on the road would result in losses. Due to the Cardinals being 2-3 to start the season, the Jets might be able to escape with a road win on Monday night.

If the Jets fall again on Monday Night Football, expect to see this season spiral downward quickly.

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