Jimmy Johnson thinks Odell Beckham may have gotten superstar treatment

There’s no doubting that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham plays the game with a lot of emotion.

Beckham, who was involved in several after-the-whistle altercations in Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, became a lightning rod of attention.

FOX NFL Sunday’s Jimmy Johnson elaborated on why he believed Beckham wasn’t more acutely reprimanded.

"I was surprised that they let him stay in the game," Johnson said.

"Had he not been a superstar and the number one player other than Eli Manning for the New York Giants, I think they would’ve ejected him. If that would’ve been a regular guy, he would’ve been out of the game in the first quarter."

Beckham certainly drew the ire of Carolina’s Josh Norman as the cornerback had some colorful comments for him after the game.