Giants LB picked for ‘random’ drug test after posting this photo on Instagram

New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas posted an Instagram photo this past weekend of himself on an ATV in the Dominican Republic. It sounds harmless on the surface, but the photo was of him smoking what he called a hand-rolled cigar. Now, smoking a hand-rolled cigar is perfectly legal, but it’s possible the NFL wanted to check out the contents of said cigar.

As you can see by the hashtags, Casillas knew it was a bad idea to post the photo, but it was too good to pass up.

“Hand rolled Dominican cigar and ATV’s… great combination!! #iknowitlookslikeablunt #andIprobablyshouldnthavepostedthis #butthepicsolit #shoutouttotheshooter”

Not surprisingly, that photo might have earned him a “random” drug test from the NFL. He shared a photo of the text message he received just one day later. It’s almost as if he knew it was coming.

Random lol, what a coincidence (see previous post) 🤷🏽‍♂️

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“Random lol, what a coincidence (see previous post)”

Casillas has never failed a league-mandated drug test and — as a team captain in just his second year with the team in 2016 — is known as a high-character guy in the Giants’ locker room. He just might need to be a little more careful with what he shares on social media.