New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: “42” in 1979

Probably not many people will remember the game in 1979. History was made that day. A scoreless game at halftime would not prepare anyone what would happen in the second half.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still in the NFC North back in1979. So the teams did not meet twice a year like they do now. After being in the NFL only three years the Bucs were 7-37 and was no doubt the laughing stock of the league. Archie Manning even said back in 1977:

“It would be a disgrace if the Saints lost to Tampa Bay”

The Saints would lose that game in 1977 33-14. However, two years later revenge was sweet in 1979. The Saints did something that would not be duplicated in their history. Ironically, the Buccaneers started off 5-0 in 1979, which nearly equaled their win total the previous three years. The Bucs were also favorite by eight points.

Going into the game, the Bucs came in at 5-1 and the Saints was 2-4. The Buccaneers were primed for a big day at Tampa Stadium. Quarterback Doug Williams had the Bucs rolling finally after years of futility. The game started off as a sleeper at halftime tied at 0-0. The second half though was simply a total annihilation. The Saints went from a 7-7 game to going on a 35-0 run. The total points scored was 42 points. The record day was a combination of just a steamrolling of rushing. All 42 points came in the second half amazingly enough.

With a combination of running backs Mike Strachan, Tony Galbreath, and Chuck Muncie, the Saints bulldozed the Bucs’ defense for over 235 yards. Archie Manning also added 141 yards passing and one touchdown. Furthermore, the Saints on defense also came up with three interceptions. The New Orleans Saints finished the season at 8-8 and the Bucs went on to have one of their best years ever.

Of course in 2002 the Buccaneers would eventually join the new NFC South division. The teams meet every year now. Many of the games since then has been extremely tight. However, there would never be another thrashing like in 1979. Chuck Muncie was a big part of that whole year in 1979. Muncie would be the first Saints to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark in the Black and Gold uniform with 1,198 yards. He would go to to the Pro Bowl that year and was name the Most Valuable Player in the game.

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