New Orleans Saints Free Agency: Dividing up the money

The New Orleans Saints will be in a much better spot in 2017 versus last year. The amount could be upwards to $30 million or higher. The question will be how does the Black and Gold want to spend it?

Here is a list of all of their contracts going into 2017. Surely, there will be many of changes to the exact number, as players will be renegotiating their contracts. Furthermore, some of the contracts may even be restructured in some way or fashion.

Over the next few weeks plenty of names are going to be thrown out there. This is a list of free agents in 2017 with their previous salary and potential market value. Certainly, the list contains a mix of high dollar players along with players making under a million per year. The challenge for the front office will be how to spread this money around.

If the Saints wanna go with a few big additions, then names like: CB Trumaine Johnson, CB Captain Munnerlyn, or LB Chandler Jones will be some popular names out there. Most of these players are gonna cost upwards to $10 million and over. If the Saints believe they are close to contending with a few players then this may the route.

However, if Loomis wants to really create some depth and add a bunch of quality players then finding talent under $5 million might be best. The key will be evaluation. These players haved to be judged correctly based on current performance and future on field play. Unquestionably, this is where the New England Patriots have beaten just about any team out. The Saints can’t afford to get another James Laurinaitis or a C.J. Spiller that will eat dead money. Junior Gallette was the king of pretty much gauging the Saints after he was cut for off the field issues

The year 2017 is simply the last chance to get things right. Following this further, there is one person who will be watching very closely how things turn out next season. His name is Drew Brees. Brees is up again against a contract year. If the Saints wanna make a run next year and more, the defense better be improved. If not, the whole franchise may be blown up after next year’s season.

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