Drew Brees says he and Sean Payton won’t be leaving town anytime soon

Drew Brees is expecting to be in New Orleans, with Sean Payton, for years to come.

Chuck Cook/Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

While the rumors of both Drew Brees and Sean Payton possibly being on the way out of New Orleans are swirling, the signal caller for the Saints wants no part of them. To put it simply, Brees isn’t buying into the fact that he or Payton are going anywhere anytime soon.

When asked about whether Brees could see a scenario in which he and Payton aren’t back in New Orleans, he didn’t skip a beat.

Via Conor Orr of NFL.com:

"No, I don’t," he said. "I think we — a plan was put in place throughout last offseason as to how we were going to build a foundation by which to make a run at it in the future. That includes some new faces, that includes some young players that, I think, will all have a chance to come together and kind of build a team that can make a run at it in the future.

"Unfortunately, we had high expectations going into this year and we fell a bit short. But I’m confident with the character, the leadership, the talent we have."

Well, if you believe Brees, there’s no reason for Saints fans to think much will change, at least offensively, in 2016. Orr does explain that Brees’ $30 million cap hit in 2016 is going to be an obvious issue, so it will be worth watching to see how the team decides to handle that this offseason.

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