New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, Future Broadcaster?

Drew Brees might not be retiring yet, but it’s not too early to look towards the future. Could Brees take his talents to the booth like Tony Romo?

At age 38, Drew Brees is one of the best, veteran quarterbacks. Able to keep healthy and play at a very elite level, his retirement will be a tough one. As tough as it may be, he could decide to go behind the scenes and give analysis for the games. It might not happen yet, but Brees has all the right skills for a future broadcasting career.

The most obvious skill Brees has is knowledge of the game. That’s a must-have when working as a broadcaster, commentator or even simply an on-air panelist. Throughout his 16 years in the league, he has watched players, the league and the play evolve. He could give some great insight on the past versus the present, what he believes will happen in the future and break down the rule book for viewers.

In watching interviews and seeing post-game comments, Brees is also an extremely eloquent speaker. He’s polite, positive and gives off such a friendly vibe. While some sportscasters like Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth and Troy Aikman are somewhat dry, Brees is the exact opposite of that. He would bring some life to the usual dull analysis given.

Brees’ intelligence isn’t just about the game, either. He attended Purdue University and received a degree in industrial management. Being intelligent is a must-have for good analysis. Plus, Brees has had all the mandatory NFL media training, so he should know how to act as a member of the media.

The biggest case for Brees as a broadcaster is how likable he is. His charity work, help in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and love for New Orleans makes Brees such a beloved figure in sports. He’s just an all-around good guy and someone who even Saints fans can root for.

Broadcasting isn’t the only path Drew Brees could take, though. Coaching could be a later career path. Maybe he could be the quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator or even just an offensive assistant. As great of a leader as Brees is, coaching would be worth looking into as well.

Brees might look at staying in the NFL, but more behind-the-scenes. From 2008-14, he was a member of the NFLPA’s Executive Committee. He might want to give the players a voice again, or he might decide to focus on charity work or volunteering. When his NFL career ends, it certainly won’t the last time we hear about Drew Brees or the last we see of him. His life might begin when his career ends.

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