This statistic shows that Delvin Breaux’s 2015 play qualifies as elite

Delvin Breaux may still be a bit underrated, but this statistic proves that he belongs with the best defensive backs in the NFL.

Chuck Cook/Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

For the New Orleans Saints, it was obvious pretty early on in 2015 that they had found a stud in their Canadian Football League signing, Delvin Breaux. The former CFL standout almost immediately became a lockdown cornerback for the Saints, and proved that he could match up with any wide receiver who was across from him.

While many Saints fans know exactly how good Breaux was in 2015, it’s time to let the numbers do the talking.

Via Pro Football Focus:

Breaux wasn’t thrown at a crazy amount, but when he was, it usually didn’t go well for opposing quarterbacks. While the Saints defense as a whole struggled at times, especially early this season, Breaux was one of the most consistent players in the NFL.

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