New Orleans Saints: Adrian Peterson Complicates Overall Picture

With Adrian Peterson reportedly near signing with the New Orleans Saints, the draft seems even more confusing along with the team’s decision to bring him in.

After a meeting with the New Orleans Saints, it seemed Adrian Peterson would be off looking for another team in free agency. That all changed today when ESPN’s Field Yates spoke to a source, saying a deal was close. With that recent development, all ideas for the team’s drafting of a running back looks to be on hold and is a general head-scratcher.

Before the report on Monday, we all assumed the Saints would draft a running back. With guys like Christian McCaffery, Leonard Fournette, and Joe Mixon, the draft class is talented. Even if the Saints went in a lower round, they could find a quality backup at the very least. What really makes these rookies stand out is they have the ability to change a team’s running game

While Adrian Peterson is a talented guy, he’s a veteran with a lot of seasoning. He’s been on the same team for 10 years and has become accustomed to being their guy. With the Saints, he’ll more than likely be splitting snaps with Mark Ingram. It might not seem like a big deal now, but tensions can run high especially from a former MVP who believes he deserves better. Then again, maybe he should have found a team desperately in need of a solid veteran running back.

The other problem I see with the draft is the Saints two first-round picks. Obviously, they’re going to use one on defense. Then they would be using the second one on offense and picking up a running back seemed logical. Now, it looks like they might go with two defensive players or decide to pick up a wide-receiver…probably Sean Payton’s idea. Either way, the addition of Adrian Peterson throws a wrench into that idea.

So close to the draft, this move is just puzzling. The team made some valuable strides in free agency including their trade sending Brandin Cooks to New England. The other idea floating around was a possible trade for Malcolm Butler and this has all put shut the door on it. The other possible but unlikely trade could have been Richard Sherman which would have filled another need for the team.

As confusing as this move is, the New Orleans Saints have no one but themselves to blame. With Payton’s offensive mind, he probably had a lot to do with picking up Peterson. He’ll probably come out with some quote about how he already has a vision in his mind. Well, that’s good in theory, there’s no reason to believe Peterson will be able to produce.

With Drew Brees possibly in his last season, the team at least wants a playoff run. Will Adrian Peterson bring them there? I can’t say for sure, but bringing in rookies to take off would have been the smarter move. There’s still time for the deal to fall through. But no matter what happens, let’s hope it doesn’t backfire.

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