NFLPA, Brady to challenge any suspension in Federal Court

Tom Brady and the NFLPA will appeal any level of suspension handed down by Roger Goodell at a federal court.

Elsa/Getty Images

We could learn the fate of Tom Brady’s appeal any day now, but it sounds as if he and the NFLPA are already looking ahead to the next phase.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last week a decision on Brady’s appeal of a four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate is coming soon. There also have been unsubstantiated reports indicating a decision could come as soon as Wednesday. If that decision does come Wednesday — or whenever — and Brady still has even a game left on his ban, expect him and the NFLPA to take it to court.

ABC News correspondent Ryan Smith cited an NFLPA source Wednesday who said if Brady’s appeal results in any sort of suspension, the NFLPA is ready to challenge the decision in federal court.

If that is the case, we could be a long way from this being over.

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