New England Patriots: Tom Brady Thrives Under Pressure

In the Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was able to handle the pressure. This doesn’t surprise Patriots owner Robert Craft one bit.

It was a thrilling comeback win for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. Despite looking the game was over, the Patriots never gave up under the pressure. While many teams would have given up when trailing 28-3, the Patriots handled the pressure of pulling off the comeback win.

It was a great start to the game for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. His offense line had some issues blocking, his wide receivers had drops, and he had a few poor throws. Despite the pressure being on to pull off a comeback, Brady rose to the occasion in the second half.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft wasn’t surprised one bit by the ability of Brady to perform with the pressure on him.

“The greater the pressure, the better he performs.”

“I saw that his first year 17 years ago,” Kraft said to Kevin Duffy of “We were playing golf competitively. He was my partner, thank God. And on the 16th hole, he had to make like a 17-foot putt. And there was another NFL playing with us who was in the same range. Tommy sunk it. That’s just the way he is.”

It was revealed before the Super Bowl that the health of Tom Brady’s mom hasn’t been good recently. However, she was able to make the trip to Houston to see her son win his 5th Super Bowl

“I spoke to him in the locker room before the game, and I said, we’ve got to win this one for your mom,” Kraft said to Duffy, “because I know how important his mom is, and she’s been going through chemotherapy and radiation, and this is the first game she’s come to. She came here. And I just saw her, and that was really cool.”

It was certainly great for Brady to be able to win with his mother in attendance. Once again he proved that he excels under the pressure of the big game. It was the best comeback win in Super Bowl history, and Brady deserves a lot of credit for the win.

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