Tom Brady shares hilarious ‘suspect board’ for missing Super Bowl jersey

Tom Brady has kept pretty quiet about his missing Super Bowl jersey, simply saying it’s disappointing and that he hopes it turns up one day. There are no leads on the $500,000 jersey as the Houston Police Department remains on the case, but the All-Pro quarterback is taking matters into his own hands.

He shared a suspect board Wednesday on Facebook, and there are a number of interesting possibilities.

Could it be Prison Mike, Michael Scott’s alter ego from “The Office,” or is his dog Scooby the more viable culprit? Heck, it could be Julian Edelman, whom Brady dubs a “sneaky lil squirrel” who “loves rings” like Gollum.

Don’t overlook Brady Courtroom Sketch, either. We all know how terrifying that character is from the endless memes that were created.

This case has obviously taken precedence in Brady’s very busy offseason of celebration and relaxation. What else is he going to do?