New England Patriots: Tom Brady Open to Helping University of Michigan

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still has a lot of good football left in him. However, he wouldn’t mind giving back to his college afterward.

The New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady in the sixth round from the University of Michigan. Even though Michigan is one of the most prestigious schools in the country for football, Brady didn’t get love coming out of college.

Through a lot of hard work, Brady developed into arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time in the NFL. However, he hasn’t forgotten about his alma mater. Recently, Michigan has taken a big step in the right direction since the hiring of Jim Harbaugh as their head coach. Harbaugh would love to see Brady involved in the program moving forward, and Brady appears open to help.

“Well, I mean I’d do anything to help the University of Michigan,” Brady said to Kevin Duffy of “He (Harbaugh) wants me to be involved and I love it. I don’t know about quarterback coach, but words of wisdom to that quarterback group — I would love to do that.”

“Again, I said yesterday when you get compared to people — and certainly people that are my heroes – I don’t ever see myself in that light and I’ve never envisioned those types of things.

I admire all the guys who have played before me and I realize how hard it is. I grew up a fan of Joe (Montana) and Steve (Young) and Dan Marino and John Elway and Warren Moon and watched them all and loved watching football highlights and watching guys’ techniques and dropbacks and throws.

I’m a fan of all those guys. They paved the way for us quarterbacks today and we’re paving the way for the quarterbacks of the future and I’m a hell of a lot older than most of the guys in the league now, so there’s a lot of guys who are probably looking at me like I used to look at them.”

This is certainly a great move by Harbaugh. Brady can obviously be used as a huge recruiting tool, and also a mentor for current players on the team. As Michigan continues to rebuild the program, having Brady as the face of the college can only help.

Brady might not want to coach after his playing days are done. However, he is certainly a person that can offer wisdom to players about hard work and success not coming instantly.

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